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Terms and Conditions

Dear reader,
Thank you for visiting our General Terms and Conditions page. You are of course free to visit this site, but there are of course a few conditions attached. So that we understand each other well on both sides and no whining can arise.


Downloadable content & software arrangement

Anyone who visits our website is fully responsible for his or her own use of it. Downloading content and software is completely free and therefore permitted. However, we are not liable for any damage to files and content that you retrieve from our site.

We are also not liable for the origin of the content or software that you obtain from our site. uses software that has not been downloaded from official sources. These files may experience damage or even a virus. You are responsible for downloading and installing, and we are in no way liable for any consequences this may have for you. By visiting our website you automatically agree to Article 1. Downloadable content & software arrangement.


Free access to the website provided it is not misused

Everyone is free to visit and use all necessary components that our website offers. We monitor the use of our website to ensure that it is not misused. If your website is misused, you will be blocked from the site and you will not be able to visit the site for at least 45 days. By visiting our site, you automatically agree to Article 2. Free access to the website provided it is not misused.


Database & Personal data uses its own database. From here, the website is partly created by the content and software. Website use is also monitored in this database and this data is stored automatically. No personal data is stored on this site! The website behavior that is monitored only shows the number of visitors and downloads of content or software per day. This concerns numerical representations. However, IP addresses are listed. These are encrypted in a vault, which is refreshed every 8 days and this data will be deleted automatically. By visiting our website and using the downloadable content and software on this site, you automatically agree to Article 3. Database and Personal Data.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

We are pleased that we were able to explain some things to you about how to use our site. You agree to the terms and conditions if you do any of the above. You also agree to the general terms and conditions of this site by having read and opened these regulations, Article 4. Agreement to General Terms and Conditions.

Dear visitor,

On this site we work together with other car enthusiasts, who radiate just as much passion and energy as our website. Everything you do on this site is free to use at your own risk. Renaultwindclub is therefore in no way liable if abuses arise between users or further calamities that could occur on this website. We therefore ask you to use this website properly and to treat everyone with respect at all times.

By reading this text and accepting the cookies, you have automatically agreed to our site disclaimer.

We hope you enjoy our website  


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